Yacht Crew Salaries By Position

Ever wondered what staff members aboard a luxury yacht charter make? Here’s a breakdown by position. Some may surprise you.

If you have ever binge-watched Below Deck, or daydreamed about working on a luxury yacht, you may have thought to yourself, “I wonder what they make?”. Many people across the world have jumped at the opportunity to rub elbows with the world’s elite while working aboard the most luxurious ships in the world.

If you have wondered what the salaries are for workers on a yacht, and want to take the next step toward a great mix of freedom and pay, joining a luxury yacht crew might be for you.

Crew jobs on yachts can be some of the most rewarding careers available, but they are also challenging. It is important to know what to expect when applying for a crew job. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to find when applying for a yacht crew job.

Yacht Staff Departments

To understand the yacht crew job descriptions better, you have to understand the different departments in a yacht. These departments include:

  • Deck – passage delivery, safety, outdoor guest activities, and exterior maintenance.
  • Interior – guest wellbeing, housekeeping, accounting, activities.
  • Engineering – smooth running of the yacht and safety.
  • Galley – stock control, hygiene, food preparation, galley maintenance.

On any yacht, the captain is at the top of the hierarchy. They are responsible for reporting to the vessel’s owner via a representative or directly. Below are the job descriptions for yacht crew members in these departments.

Salaries will vary depending on the size, type, location, and use of the yacht. The crew’s experience and qualifications will also play a role in determining their salary.

Deck Department Roles


The captain’s job description includes: keeping the vessel safe and secure, ensuring that all crew members are doing their job, and reporting any safety concerns. Typically, this person will also be in charge of hiring other deck officers for specific duties. Depending on various factors, the captain could be paid $4,200 to $15,800 per month.

Although this an extremely high pay rate, it requires decades of experience typically. Being in charge of the safety of passengers, crew members and potentially a $50 million yacht is serious business!

Chief Officer/First Mate

Chief officers’ responsibilities include supervising the crew’s daily activities, maintaining duties and duties lists, and overseeing crew pay. This is also the person who will be in charge of hiring other crew members and managing the activities or watersports the guests would like to participate in. Typically, this person will make around $3,100 to $14,200 per month.

Second Mate

The second mate’s job description includes: being in charge of navigating the yacht and overseeing any repairs that may be needed. Typically, this person will make around $3,100 to $8,400 per month.

Third Mate

The third mate’s responsibilities include: handling deck chores and maintenance for the yacht. The salary is $2,600 to $6,300 monthly.


A bosun is in charge of safety and security, supervising diving operations and monitoring all deck equipment. They will also maintain the diving records whenever necessary. This person will make around $2,600 to $6,300 monthly.

Interior Department


A purser is responsible for hiring, training, and caring for all crew members. They are sent out to find candidates and supervise their performance in port and during sea trips. They are responsible for every operation in this department. Typical salaries go from $5,200 to $9,400 monthly.

Chief Steward

The chief steward is responsible for hiring, training, and supervising all crew members in the interior department. They will set up work schedules, determine pay scales and enforce penalties if they are not followed. Typical salaries go from $4,800 to $8,800 monthly.


The steward is in charge of the kitchen, taking orders and keeping track of all supplies. They unpack and pack the guest’s luggage and remain on standby at all times in case anything happens. Salaries go from $3,100 to $6,800 monthly.

Engineering Positions

Chief Engineer

He or she is in charge of the engine room and is responsible for ensuring it is operating smoothly. The chief engineer is responsible for providing services to all the other positions on board if needed. They will make around $6,300 to $15,600 monthly.

Second Engineer

As the second in command to the chief engineer, this person will be in charge of all engine room duties and services that need to be done. Salaries are typically around $3,200 to $10,500 per month.

ETO Officer

An ETO officer will oversee all electrical and electronic equipment, including everything from the GPS to the yacht’s peripheral devices, lighting, and communications equipment.

They will be in charge of setting up the systems, testing them during repairs, checking their functionality, and identifying any problems. Salaries are around $4,300 to $8,500 monthly.

Galley Positions

Head Chef

The head chef is in charge of all the food preparation and storage. All food preparation is under the direction of this chef. They are trained professionals who ensure that strict hygiene standards and food safety are maintained. Salaries go from $6,300 to $10,500 monthly.

Sous Chef

The sous chef is in charge of food preparation and operations and preparing all menus at the direction of the head chef. They prepare, cook, and serve all food items that the guests require while on board. Salaries go from $3,700 to $8,400 monthly.

Galley Staff

There is a galley staff who works in the galley. Galley staff will be responsible for washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, serving food, and preparing daily menus. Salaries go from $2,500 to $4,300 monthly.

The Bottom Line

This article covers the yacht crew job descriptions for various jobs on the yacht and their salaries. As you plan to secure a job in the yacht crew industry, ensure you know everything you need to about the job. What will be the working hours? Will there be leaves to travel home? You must be prepared before applying for any of these jobs on a yacht charter.

One thing to note is that some ormost of these positions aren’t available on all yacht charters. This will depend on a number of factors including the numbere of guests, size of the yacht, budget of the guests and location of the yacht.

Being a member of a yacht crew is both flexible and very strict at the same time. Your level of service and professionalism are critical to ensuring the esteemed guests have an experience they expect for shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. So, expect very strict rules while on board.

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