We sailed 6,300 miles to bring you the best Catamaran yacht rental in San Diego

How the triton

yacht rental

arrived in san diego

In search of the largest catamaran yacht we could find, we started searching all over the United States. Upon searching, we found a hidden gem in the middle of Texas on Lake Lewisville in Galveston, TX. With many flights back and forth, we decided to pull the trigger and make one of the longest voyages a sailor can make. It took an entire year of planning, rebuilding, and a 38-day sail, to get Triton to its new home of San Diego, California.

About Triton Yacht Rental in San Diego

Triton is a 75′ catamaran yacht located at 2700 Shelter Island Dr. San Diego, CA. Triton Charters is a fully insured, Coast Guard inspected vessel that is licensed to carry up to 100 passengers. We offer private yacht rentals and also San Diego Harbor cruises where we do a 2.5-hour sail throughout San Diego Bay and visit all of the amazing monuments that San Diego Bay has to offer. Our yacht rental is includes a captain, crew and bartender! Besides the staff, Triton is equipped with 2 bathrooms, dance floor, 13 seat bar, seating for up to 100 guests, modern decor, and even a waterslide! We pride ourselves on making all of the accommodations that we possibly can so you don’t have to. Check out our homepage for more information!