9 Best San Diego Water Sports To Try This Summer

Ready for some fun in the sun this year? Tackle our list of the best San Diego water sports to add a dose of adrenaline to your summer!

Are you planning a trip to San Diego or a local looking to mix things up a bit this summer? Whether you go with your family and want some relaxing, fun family activities or alone and looking for an adrenaline rush, there’s something to do in SD – especially out in the water.

That’s right! Watersports is the name of the game when you’re here. If you’re not too sure about what you do, here’s a list of the top San Diego water sports you can try on your own or with your friends and family.

surfing water sports

#1: Surfing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran – because San Diego has a place for surfers of all experience levels to enjoy the vast coastline.

People who are starting out can try the many surf schools in the area. There are a lot of places with small waves for both kids and adults to surf.

For more seasoned surfers, San Diego provides countless great places to hit the waves. 

kite surfer in san diego

#2: Kitesurfing

Does surfing sound a little too soft for you? Do you want to, perhaps, take things up a notch? Don’t worry! Kitesurfing is probably what you’re loooking for.

Most adrenaline junkies along the coast have heard of it, and it’s becoming one of the most popular San Diego water sports nowadays.

For those that don’t know, kitesurfing is where surfing meets gliding. You’ll strap yourself to a board, grab a kite, and let the wind take you at high speeds. It’s a blast – but definitely not for the faint of heart.


jetpack san diego

#3: Jetboarding

If kitesurfing isn’t enough for you – well, first of all, you’re one of the brave ones! Let’s see if you’re brave enough to fly above water, though.

That’s what jetpacking is! You’ll get strapped to a jetpack and start flying above water. And, of course, doing this is super safe – but not everyone can handle it!

Jetboarding is safe for both kids and adults and one of the most thrilling San Diego water sports you can find in the area. Book your jetboard adventure today with Mission Bay Sportcenter.

watersport jet ski

#4: Jet Skiing

Maybe flying above water isn’t exactly for you – but you still want to do something super exciting at super fast speeds. That sounds like jet skiing.

You probably know what a jet ski is, and you’ve probably wanted to ride one. That’s great – because here in San Diego, you definitely can do that (and many more things, of course!)

There are plenty of companies that offer rentals in the area, but we’ve found that Mission Bay Sportcenter’s San Diego jet ski rentals are the best.

speed boat san diego

#5: Speed Boats

The first couple of options are full of adrenaline, but they do require an effort on your part. This idea is more suited for people who want a little adrenaline rush without doing anything at all.

When you embark on a jet boat ride, you’ll be taken at high speeds around the San Diego coastline, and you’ll get to see plenty of known iconic landmarks around. It’s likely the most thrilling San Diego water sport on our list.

renting a yacht

#6: Renting A Yacht

Do you want to go on a boat ride – but do it the right way? San Diego provides you with the opportunity to rent a yacht.

Renting a yacht is exactly what it sounds like: you get to go on a voyage where every need and want is taken care of, from food to beverages and fun activities to relaxing times.

You can also get your San Diego water sports fix by adding on paddle boards or jet skis to your rental to add a dose of excitement to your trip!

It’s the perfect idea for a family reunion or a more special occasion, like a wedding. It’s also perfect if you want to go out on the water and have a blast! For more information, check out our yacht rentals and book today!

hydro bike watersport

#7: Hydro Bikes

A hydro bike may seem a little weird at first glance, but you are going to have a blast once you’re riding one! It’s both easy going and easy to use and a light and fun way to spend your time on the water.

It’s a great option for parents with little kids who want to do something exciting (but can’t really go jetpacking or kitesurfing for obvious reasons).

For a couple who doesn’t have kids yet – well, it’s a great date idea to consider! You get to have a little fun on the water before you hit your favorite restaurant when you’re back on solid ground.

sd water parks

#8: Water Parks

There are many ways to have lots of fun and enjoy an exciting day in San Diego. For families, the go-to option seems to be spending a day (or more!) at a waterpark.

There are lots of water parks for you to choose from like LEGOLAND’s water park or Aquatica – and you can try out different ones for different kinds of fun!

It’s not for families alone, though. You can go on your own or with friends if you want to. If you’re looking for the most family friendly San Diego watersport to try, this is #1.

Even if you’re not a water parks kind of guy, having a blast at a water slide is a great way to take a break from the beach but still have fun on the water.

Enjoy San Diego Water Sports This Summer!

Everyone knows San Diego is the perfect place to have fun in the water – and the San Diego weather is amazing all year round.

The hard part about your San Diego trip is not trying to figure out when to go out in the sun and enjoy your day – but trying to choose between the many options you have available.

You could start slow and learn how to surf or do it big and rent a yacht right away. The important part is that you have fun – and, in San Diego, we know you will!

To learn even more about renting a yacht in San Diego, please visit our articles page!