Top 5 Biggest Yachts In The World

Lear a little more about some of the world’s leading superyachts.

Yachts are usually the symbol of luxury, but superyachts take that concept and multiply it by a hundred. These aren’t just “super” for no reason; superyachts are some of the biggest and most luxurious vessels on the water.

While all of them are usually huge, there are some that really take the cake. In this post, we’re going to be taking a closer look at 5 of the world’s largest superyachts in all their glory!

superyacht azzam

#1: The Azzam

When it comes to the biggest superyachts in the world, there’s literally nothing bigger than Azzam. Azzam holds the world record for being the largest superyacht in the entire world! It was made in 2018, and initially, the designers at Lürssen wanted it to be around 475 feet in size, but it ended up measuring up to 590 feet when it was finished!

This massive beast weighs an impressive 13,000 gross tonnes and is also one of the heaviest vessels ever made.

The vessel can easily hold 80 crew members and 32 guests and, on the inside, is designed to carry a French Empire aesthetic. There are several pools, lounging rooms, guests rooms and ballroom and even an entire gold training room built right into the yacht!

With all that, it’s not surprising that this massive yacht also costs quite a penny. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi’s royal family reportedly paid $600 million for the yacht. That’s how much several dozens of small yachts could be for!

the dilbar yacht

#2: Dilbar

Dilbar was made for Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov in 2010. The superyacht spans over 531 feet and weighs 15 000 tonnes. Before Azzam came along, it was the largest superyacht in the world! Alisher bought the yacht to create a luxurious home on the water for his family, so they could travel in style from one side of the world to another.

On the main floors, there are 20 rooms that can easily accommodate over 40 guests. But the rooms aren’t the only attraction here. There’s a 170-foot deck that features the world’s largest swimming pool ever made on a yacht, with a beach club right next to it and a fully equipped spa for his friends and family to relax in!

With all the amenities, the yacht ended up costing around $256 Million to make, and Alisher happily paid up to get the yacht of his dreams!


eclipse yacht

#3: Eclipse

A career in sports doesn’t sound all that luxurious for most, but for the players of Chelsea, it’s all luxury, all the time. Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich owns Chelsea, the English Football club, and he made sure that his team travels the world in luxury, just like he does.

So, he bought the 533-foot superyacht for the team! The vessel weighs 13,000 tonnes, and almost half of it is just because of the interiors alone!

There are several luxurious living rooms where the team can gather and enjoy some time together, a 5-star restaurant, a submarine that they can use at any point and even two helipads just in case they immediately need to fly out somewhere else! All of that luxury cost a whopping $1.5 billion, and it sure looks like it did!

sailing yacht a

#4: Sailing Yacht A

At first, seeing the name “A” makes everyone think this one would be a rather simple yacht, but that’s not the case. It was made for Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, who named the superyacht after his own initials. This 142-foot yacht weighs 6000 tonnes, which is rather light when compared to the other yachts on this list. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t packing a mean punch.

On the outside, it boasts a minimalistic design, but on the inside, it’s totally decked out. There are french glass interiors throughout the entire vessel. Even each faucet in the 14 rooms and bathrooms costs around $40,000 each!

There are swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a giant dining room, and a beautiful, white helipad, and all the beds in the rooms are 360 rotatable, so the guests can have whatever view they want to have! With all of that, this yacht ended up being $323 million of pure luxury!

nord yacht

#5: Nord

Nord is by far the newest superyacht to make it out on the waters. Lurssen created it at the end of 2021, and it’s 10,000 tonnes of pure luxury. This boat spans across 465 feet, and in it, there are several floors and decks equipped with the world’s latest technology.

On the outside, it’s sleek and black, and on the inside, a powerful luxurious beast, which also gives it the nickname “a warship wearing a tuxedo.”

There are spas, swimming pools, restaurants, a complete spa and sauna, and even a fully functional theatre! To make getting on and off of the boat easier, there are even two helipads ready to receive at all times!

This massive, luxurious superyacht is priced at an insane $500 million, but considering everything it holds, that price might just be justified! The yacht can hold 36 guests easily, and each one of them is guaranteed to have the grandest time of their lives on board Nord!

Large And Proud!

These were some of the largest yachts in the entire world. Not only have they been impressive because of their size, but also because they’re fully decked out from the inside and out, making them all seem to like these unbelievable pieces of art, floating on the water that one can actually take a ride on – granted they have several millions of dollars to spend on them!

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