Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders In The World

Learn a little more about some of the best luxury yacht builders in the world.

Luxury yacht building is a highly specialized field that requires many years of specialized training. A luxury yacht is more than just a floating getaway. It is a crafted product designed to provide unparalleled comfort and style. Luxury yachts vary in design, size, and amenities. Some are as small as 40 feet in length, while others can reach over 200 feet in length.

With such a variety of models available, yacht builders must have advanced design skills to stand out in the pack. They should also have a thorough understanding of building materials and construction. The luxury yacht building field is dominated by a few large companies.

These firms work with their in-house design teams and a network of subcontractors to produce some of the most stunning yachts in the world. Some of the world’s most notable luxury yacht builders are listed below.

1) Feadship (Netherlands)

Feadship was founded in 1949, and it is one of the world’s largest yacht builders. The company enjoys a high standard of success due to its long history of producing quality luxury yachts. In 1952, Feadship hired a young Dutch architect named Michel Vrijenhoek, who would eventually take over in 1962.

That is when the company founder retired. Under Vrijenhoek’s leadership, Feadship continued to excel in design and construction. That led them to international success. The company built its first yacht in 1983 and continues to create some of the most stunning models.

2) Amels (Netherlands)

Amels is another prominent Dutch yacht builder founded in 1927. The company has also been active for over a century. Unlike other companies on this list, Amels was not founded by a single man. Instead, it was formed from the merger of several smaller companies operating together since 1894.

In 1961, Peter Kropf became the company’s first designer, which would lead to decades of success. That is because he introduced modern design ideals. These designs shifted the company from 19th-century traditions toward more contemporary yachting artistry.

Today, Amels vessels are associated with sophisticated engineering and innovative features. These may include concealed underwater engines and integrated mooring systems.

3) Fincantieri (Italy)

Fincantieri is the oldest privately-owned shipbuilding company globally and a major supplier of Italian warships. The company was founded by Nicola Fabrizi and his two sons, Gabriele and Francesco, in 1959. Today, the company retains this same familial structure. The structure that has seen three generations of Fabrizi’s pass through the ranks of management.

Together, they have produced over 65 yachts for clients such as Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He used their vessel to re-establish diplomatic ties with Italy after 70 years.

4) Oceanco (Netherlands)

Oceanco, founded in 1987, is a leading yacht building and engineering company in the Netherlands. It grew out of a small marine engineering firm called “De Reefers.” It has since expanded into the construction of similar pumps used on ships.

As shipyards have become more sophisticated, shipbuilders have turned to Oceanco as one of their primary pump suppliers. This relationship has allowed Oceanco to expand its overall business.

5) Nobiskrug (Germany)

Nobiskrug was founded in 1905 and is one of Germany’s largest and most advanced yacht builders. They specialize in high-end yachts for the super-rich, including Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Their current German flagship is “SENSATION” – a 164′ motor yacht with a swimming pool and helipad.

6) Benetti (Italy)

Benetti Yachts is Italy’s most elegant yacht builder. Founded in 1873, Benetti has become an international leader in ultra-luxury yacht construction. It focuses on the super-rich and VIP clients.

The company is known for its luxury motor yachts which are among the most advanced. “Infinity” is one of Benetti’s latest creations, a 175′ motor yacht with eight decks and an interior designed by Gucci.

7) Lurssen (Germany)

Lurssen is Germany’s leading builder for high-end yachts, specializing in super-yacht construction. They have built many of the world’s most advanced super-yachts, including “Aurora”. It is a 160′ motor yacht with two helipads and a master suite designed by Nelson Mandela, who had the ship built on his 64th birthday.

8) Christensen (USA)

Christensen Yachts is an American luxury yacht builder specializing in ocean-going yachts. The company focuses on high-end buyers. They are known for their sleek, futuristic designs.

Christensen yachts is popular for its high-tech and futuristic designs. It aims to create boats that have a futuristic look, with futurist details like carbon fiber used for the interior and a glass hull.

The most common materials used for the exterior are aluminum and composite materials. These materials give the yacht a sleek, futuristic look. The company has raised over $30 million for the construction of its yachts.

9) Perini Navi (Italy)

Perini Navi is a yacht designer in Italy. Perini Navi designs yachts for clients looking for a high-end, luxurious luxury experience. They have built over 30 yachts in the past decade. Their yachts have been featured on many television shows and in several movies.

Their latest yacht designs include the ‘Hugo’ and ‘Cristina’ models. The company has also designed larger custom yachts for their clients. That includes including the first Ulysses Class yacht for the Italian Navy.

10) Royal Huisman (Netherlands)

Royal Huisman is a yet another luxury yacht builder stationed in the Netherlands. The company designs and builds luxury yachts that are perfect for the discerning yacht owner. They have many years of experience building high-end luxury yachts.

The company’s luxury yachts feature the use of gold, platinum, and precious stones for decoration. Royal Huisman’s yachts are built primarily in the Netherlands, with some boats being built in Taiwan, Scotland, and Germany.


It is important to remember that while these companies’ yachts may be beautiful, they do not rest on their laurels. Rather, they spend many hours designing and building the yachts. No matter how much money you have, there is no such thing as a perfect yacht. That is because perfection is elusive to anyone who has ever been aboard a yacht, and thee same is true for any yacht builder.

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