The questions that need to be answered to rent a boat/yacht for a corporate event

Treating your staff to a Corporate Event is said to increase productivity immensely. It’s no wonder that almost all of the Fortune 500 Businesses throw epic corporate events for their hundreds if not thousands of employees. If you’re going to have a corporate event in San Diego, here’s some questions to ask!

#1 How Many Guests Are Allowed on Yacht Rentals

When searching for the proper yacht for a corporate event you need to consider how many guests you will be having. Yacht Rental capacities range from 6 guests up to 500 guests. When researching, you need to ask the yacht charter company how many guests are the maximum allowed and the maximum seating capacity or standing capacity. Try to find a yacht that allows enough seats for everyone and not trust the “maximum amount”

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#2 How Long Should The Corporate Event Be?

Most Yacht Rentals have an hourly minimum. The most common minimum amount of hours that a yacht will require will typically be 2 hours. It’s always a good idea to ask the Captain of the Yacht or the Receptionist what the average duration is. Having local knowledge of the waterways and the time required to see the sites and have a proper event are 2 key points that need to be discussed. We find that the sweet spot is 3 or 4 hours. 

#3 What Type Of Yacht/Boat Should We Choose?

There are three types of boats/yachts that are the most common for corporate events: Sailboats, Motor Yachts, and Catamarans. There are a few things to consider when choosing what type of boat you will have your corporate event on. If you feel as if your staff would be more interested in traditional sailing, you may want to consider a large Sailboat Yacht. The only issue with a Sailboat is that when at cruising speeds, the Sailboat will lean to one side. If you don’t want to spill your drink, we suggest moving on to one of the next options. Motor Yachts can be a great option for events that like to spend the majority of the cruise indoors because of weather and wind. Motor Yachts will typically have the same comforts of a home such as couches, full kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Lastly, Catamarans are a viable option for those that want a stable yacht, plenty of seating, a full bar, and love fresh air. Many of the modern-day catamarans even have amenities such as the options for catering, bartending, and sailing.

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#4 Food and Beverages 

When choosing a yacht rental that is over 2 hours, we highly recommend choosing a charter that either provides food, or that has a preferred vendor list that has a plethora of catering options. As far as beverages, yachts will either have a liquor license and have a bartender serving drinks, or not have a license and allow for you to BYOB. Being able to bring your own drinks for a corporate event can spell danger – as you will have no control over the amount of alcohol consumed. We recommend choosing a yacht charter that has drink options so that you can control the tab and types of alcohol being served. One of the deciding factors that determine this opinion is that while employees are not ‘on the clock’ they are still liable for the actions that they take while at a corporate event. 

#5 Addons and Upgrades 

You would think that just having a Corporate event on a yacht would be enough, right? Well, think again! Many of the yachts that offer corporate events will have some epic addons. Some of those addons include: Paddleboards, Jetskis, Event Furniture, Kayaks, Open Bar Options, Catering Options, and even Water Jetpacks! 

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Corporate Event Yacht Companies in San Diego

Alana Yacht Rental:

Alana is the newest yacht rental in Mission Bay with the capacity for up to 45 guests. The Alana is a power catamaran, giving the stability of a catamaran and also being able to go under the bridges of Mission Bay (because it does not have a mast for a sail). Alana includes a Captain, Crew, and Bartender. Guests may bring their own food, and have food catered, but this yacht does not allow BYOB. Custom cocktails and draft beer/seltzers are for sale at the bar.

Malarky Charters: Malarky Charters is great for customers who have a group ranging from 4-12 guests. It’s a 47′ Luxury Yacht Rental in Mission Bay, San Diego with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, Full Kitchen, Living Room, and plenty of space for everyone. They do Bay Adventures, Anchor and Play and Ocean Sailing.

Triton Charters: If you need a larger yacht, Triton Charters is the largest catamaran yacht rental in San Diego. sprawling 75’ feet in length with the ability to have up to 100 passengers. The Triton includes modern decor, state-of-the-art 13 seat bar, and a dynamic layout. Trion offers a built-in running water slide, a massive dance floor, and an advanced sound system. Triton also offers ticketed charters for smaller groups!

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