15 Excuses to Rent a Party Boat in San Diego

Including a party boat rental occasion list and the costs involved to rent it

Turn your landlubber friends into sea-faring folk! In this article, we will discuss 15 excuses for you to throw an epic bash aboard numerous party boats in San Diego. Not only will we give you some party boat options, but we will also share with you special occasions and the costs of throwing a party on a boat.  

Before we start this informative article, let’s get down to brass tax. How much does a Party Boat Rental cost?

A Party Boat Rental in San Diego ranges from $175 per hour up to $1,100 per hour depending on the number of guests. For up to 12 passengers, you can expect to pay around $200/hr for a simple pontoon boat, or around $450/hr for a captained vessel for up to 12. Have more than 12 guests? Party Boats with the capacity for up to 40 guests will range from $825 per hour up to $2,000 per hour. If you have more than 40 Guests, expect to pay upwards of $1,300 per hour. 

To make this simple, here’s a simple chart of what you can expect to pay for a party boat:

cost to rent a party boat

🥳Birthday Parties🥳

birthday party on a party boat

By far the most popular reason for people to rent a party boat is for Birthday Parties! There’s nothing better than renting a party boat to celebrate another rotation around the sun! Many party boat rental companies offer birthday discounts, so don’t hesitate to ask!

🎄Holiday Parties🥳

holiday party on a party boat

Worrying about making sure your friends and family have the day off to climb aboard a party boat? Holiday’s (especially federal ones) have a good chance that you and your crew have the day off! With most people having to fulfill the daily grind, holidays are one of the top excuses to go on a party boat.


wedding aboard a party boat

A wedding on a party boat can be a romantic and picturesque way to exchange vows with the beautiful backdrop of the water and skyline. Many couples opt for a sunset or evening wedding cruise to tie the knot. But, what happens after the wedding? It’s party time! I think what makes having a wedding so special on a party boat is because of the seclusion. You and your party are all on one ship, all together, and sharing the same experience on the water. There’s no better way to build a bond than experiencing a special activity with your family, friends, and confidants. 

👰Bachelor and 👰Bachelorette Parties

bachelor party boat

Celebrate the bride or groom’s last days of singledom with a fun and private boat party. Taste the last bit of freedom from your soon-to-be spouse by letting the wind take you through San Diego Bay or Mission Bay. Both of these options listed feature a full bar, professional sound system, and dance floors! 


anniversary party on a boat

If you’d like to show your significant other a unique experience, look no further than a party boat oin San DIego! Let the experience of gliding through the water fuel your future relationship by sharing these special moments and many more to come. 

🧑‍💼Corporate Events👩‍💼

corporate event on a party boat

Impress clients, reward employees, or host team-building activities on a corporate cruise. It’s an excellent way to mix business with pleasure. Creating a strong bond with your employees, clients, and co-workers really does pay dividends for the future. There’s no doubt that employees who are shown appreciation multiple times have a much higher productivity rate throughout the year. 

👪Family Reunions👪

family reunion party boat in san diego

 If your motto is “Family first” – then you have chosen the right type of venue to celebrate your family reunion! The options listed below are kid-friendly, grandma-friendly, and uncle “that doesn’t mind having a few” friendly! 

🎓Graduation Parties🎓

graduation party on a party boat

Celebrate academic achievements with a memorable boat party, whether it’s high school, college, or graduate school. Reward your hard work, or celebrate your close ones’ success! 

🫶Retirement Parties🫶

retirement party on a boat

Say goodbye to the workforce and hello to relaxation with a retirement celebration on the water. After a lifetime of work, there’s nothing more freeing than relaxing on the water on your very own party boat! 


💍Engagement Parties💍

engagement party on a boat

Announce your engagement to friends and family in style with a private party boat gathering! If you want to be known as the “cool couple” then throwing a bash on a party boat is a must!


😃Friends’ Get-Togethers😃

friends on a party boat

Having no excuse to throw a party is still a great excuse! Make your friends feel ultra-special by booking an epic party boat and spend some hours on the water!

✨Promotions and Achievements✨

cocktails triton charters

Have some big success? Celebrate professional successes, promotions, or milestones with a yacht party. 

💗Charity and Fundraising Events💗

charity event on a party boat

Host charity auctions, galas, or fundraising events on a party boat to make your cause stand out.

🎃Themed Parties🎆

themed party on a boat

From costume parties to masquerade balls, a party boat can serve as a unique venue for various themed events. The intimate setting of a party boat is perfect to showcase your costume and enjoy themed decor!

🍽️Rehearsal Dinners🍽️

rehearsal dinner san diego

Before the big day, gather friends and family for a rehearsal dinner on a boat to set the tone for your wedding. Catering is available on the below boats for up to 100 guests! 

What you should expect from a Party Boat Rental Company

When renting a party boat in San Diego, you should expect a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are some key things you can typically expect when renting a party boat in San Diego:

Professional Service

Reputable party boat rental companies in San Diego will provide you with professional and friendly service from the moment you inquire about the rental to the conclusion of your trip. Although reviews aren’t the end-all-be-all, they can be a good indication of expectations. 


Booking Process

You should expect a straightforward booking process. You’ll need to specify the date, time, and duration of your rental, as well as the number of guests and any specific requests or amenities you’d like to include.



Most party boat rental companies offer the flexibility to customize your experience. You can often choose add-ons such as catering, water sports equipment, or live entertainment to suit your preferences.


Safety Precautions

Safety is a top priority on party boats. You should expect to receive safety instructions from the crew, including information about life jackets, emergency procedures, and onboard safety equipment.


Experienced Crew

Your party boat will typically be staffed by a professional crew, including a captain and additional crew members who will ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. They’ll assist with navigation, serve drinks, and address any questions or requests you have.


Scenic Views

San Diego is known for its stunning coastal scenery, and a party boat rental allows you to take in breathtaking views of the California coastline, Mission Bay, and the San Diego skyline. Be prepared to enjoy the picturesque surroundings.


Comfortable Amenities

Party boats often come equipped with comfortable seating, outdoor lounging areas, a bar, and restroom facilities. Some may even have features like a water slide, dance floor, or sound system.


Food and Beverage Options

Depending on your preferences and the rental package, you can expect food and beverage options. Some companies offer catering services, while others allow you to bring your own food and drinks.



Many party boats offer entertainment options, such as live music or the ability to bring your own music and playlists. Some boats have audiovisual equipment for presentations or special events.


Water Activities

If you choose a party boat with water sports add-ons, you can expect to have access to equipment like jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, or even a water trampoline (Lilly pad) for added fun.



A party boat rental is an opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether you want to soak up the sun, enjoy a leisurely cruise, or dance the night away, the choice is yours.


Photogenic Moments

Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the memorable moments and beautiful scenery. San Diego’s coastline and bay offer numerous photo opportunities.


Clear Terms and Policies

Be sure to review the terms and policies of the rental agreement, including cancellation policies, payment requirements, and any rules or regulations specific to the boat.


Weather Considerations

San Diego generally has excellent weather, but conditions can change. Be prepared for some variability, and discuss with the rental company how they handle weather-related issues or cancellations.


Memories to Cherish

Ultimately, you should expect to create lasting memories with friends, family, or colleagues as you enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience on your party boat rental in San Diego.


To ensure a smooth experience, it’s essential to communicate your preferences, needs, and expectations with the rental company in advance. This will help them tailor the experience to your liking and ensure a fantastic day on the water in San Diego.

Here are some recommendations if you plan on throwing a boat party in San Diego!

Triton Charters:

Every charter includes a Captain and Crew that are dedicated to making your trip comfortable and safe. With a captain at the helm, and a crew member assisting with drinks, questions, add-ons, and requests, you will feel as if this is your yacht and your crew.

Embark from Shelter Island and set a course for the Pacific Ocean or San Diego Bay. Either head north to La Jolla and gaze upon the San Diego Coastline, or head South towards Coronado to lay eyes on some of the most gorgeous scenery that California has to offer.

harbor cruise in san diego

Alana Yacht Rental

Meet The Alana, San Diego’s newest Catamaran! Alana is a custom 40-foot Coral Island Yacht Rental that is coast guard regulated for 40 passengers and is fully equipped with:


  • Liquor licensed fully Stocked Bar serving your favorite Boat drinks for purchase.
  • 2 decks for optimum comfort
  • 2 below-deck modern bathrooms
  • Forward sundeck with plenty of seating and standing room
  • State-of-the-art entertainment and safety equipment
  • Our crew consists of 1 master captain and 2-3 crew members
alana charters

Malarky Charters

Malarky Charters is San Diego’s finest luxury catamaran rental. You and 11 friends will embark on an adventure that will live in memory for a lifetime. Modern decor, smooth sailing, and abundant space ensure a comfortable and jaw-dropping excursion through Mission Bay and the San Diego Coastline. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what San Diego has to offer: Dolphins, Grey Whales, Blue Whales, Seals, Birds, mixed with fresh ocean air.

malarky charters mission bay

Aquata Charters

Meet the Aquata, our 2022 37′ Axopar Cross Cabin Boat offering Thrill or Chill Charters in San Diego, CA. Choose to chill in Mission Bay and San Diego Bay or choose Thrill and splash through the water at up to 55mph! Our charter perfectly combines the speed of a racing boat, coupled with the luxury and comfortability of a modern yacht. The Aquata is equipped with a salon-style bedroom, bathroom, and forward and aft lounge areas. Too much sun? Enter the cabin equpped with an electronic sunroof and ice-cold air conditioning while gazing out of our panoramic glass views. 

aquata charters san diego