How Long Is Yacht Charter Season?

By understanding how long yacht charter season is, you can properly plan for your next yacht charter vacation. Here is everything you need to know.

Charter season is the time of year that’s best for renting a yacht for vacations. That is also when most of the charter companies in the world are operating. Typically, there are two yacht charter seasons. That includes the summer season and the winter season.

The summer season runs from the beginning of May until the end of October, while the winter one commences in November to April. However, there are a few exceptions to these time zones, depending on where you are. Some countries will have a shorter season, while others will have a longer one.

Whether you are looking for a one-off charter, a regular source of income, or something in between, signing up for a yacht charter is a great way to enjoy a fun holiday. Keep in mind the best time to sign up for a yacht charter is during the pre-season and up to a week or two before the scheduled start date.

Yacht Charter Seasons

Yacht charter seasons are usually dictated by the water and weather conditions in the area where the yacht is stationed. Many things can affect the onset and duration of a season, including natural disasters, local preferences, and even politics.

According to experts who deal in yacht charters worldwide, other factors can influence when a yacht charter season starts and ends. These include the building seasons from one year to another. Some companies will use up their existing inventory before beginning operations with new boats or newly acquired boats.

Other charter companies will decide to start the business after a particular boat has been on a lease, while others may stop because they have not found an appropriate boat for their clientele to use.

Based on all these factors, you can see how long each season can be and what best fits your needs during each season. If you are planning, it is advisable to book a vessel before it becomes fully booked. If you opt for something last-minute, you will have fewer options and may need to compromise on your choices or settle for something that is not exactly what you want or need.

What Are Shoulder Seasons In Yachting?

The middle point of a season is called the shoulder season. That consists of the time between high and low seasons and between low and high seasons. It can come during a particular season, such as early summer or late spring. It could run from September to October and April to May in some countries.

A good number of yacht charters may already be booked by then, while other companies may still have availability depending on the operators and their business goals.

However, this is also true for the other end of the season, when the peak season ends or just before it ends, with most companies trying to clear out some of their inventory. That is in order to make room for new inventory coming in for the new season.

Depending on your needs for a vessel, this could be an ideal time to book one since there are choices but not so many that you will find it difficult to choose one from among them.

That said, this shoulder season doesn’t last long; therefore, you need to plan, or you might find yourself having problems getting the ideal yacht. If you’re planning on booking a San Diego yacht charter, booking your charter in May or June will be your best bet, because as the summer continues, your choice of dates will get smaller and smaller.

Can I Charter Out Of Season?

Yes, it is possible to charter out of season. However, that will translate to fewer options for chartering a yacht than getting one during the high or peak seasons. During peak seasons, there are many more choices available for you to choose.

You might also encounter problems getting crew members for the vessel, especially if you want to make longer sea trips. In other words, book early and be aware of what kind of season this is so that it won’t take you by surprise. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find out that no one is available to go with your group on this particular trip since they all have assignments elsewhere.

Also, keep in mind that the reason why there are seasons is because of the general weather conditions. Peak yacht charter seeason is when the weather is best, which also means demand is highest.

How Long Is A Yacht Charter?

Some companies offer week-long blocks or ten days. However, if you have the time and resources, you can charter for several weeks, a month, or even two.

The minimum number of days for a yacht charter typically varies between two and four. Most choose to book their charter for a week. The average cruise with a week-long charter will cost approximately $15,000.

Most companies charge around $15,000 per week, and the price is dependent on the type of yacht and its equipment. A luxury yacht in a premium location could cost up to almost $50,000 per week! The good news is there ar emany charter companies that charge far less than that, and you can look up different locations and yacht sizes that always show their pricing.

The Bottom Line

Understanding how long yacht charter season is in the destination of your choice is critical for planning. Booking in the middle of peak season will be more expensive and give you far fewer options than booking a few months ahead of the season.

Yachting has become extremely popular over the past decade, especially since the launch of Beelow Deck, a famous reality tv series that shows off the yacthing experience.

Our advice is to do your research in the off season and book early to give yourself the best options and pricing available in the market.

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