Including the pros and cons of each type of boat rental

Depending on the type of boat, the average cost for a boat rental for up to 8 people is $175/hr. The average cost to rent a yacht in San Diego is $1,100 per hour. And the average cost to rent a sailboat is around $50 per hour (does not include a captain). 


1-12 Passengers


A pontoon boat rental is the most popular boat rental in the United States. Having the ability to have 1-12 passengers, it’s one of the best ways to have a fun day on the water with friends and family. Don’t worry about getting sea-sick on a pontoon boat in Mission Bay or San Diego Bay, you’re in for a calm, relaxing day on the bay. Starting price is $175/hr

rent a boat san diego



Has Motor

Easy to Drive


Calm Waters Only

Only 12 Passengers

boat rental san diego


1-10 Passengers


There’s nothing more relaxing than a day on the bay with the wind in your sails and a fresh ocean breeze. Sailboats offer an inexpensive and fun way to learn a skill and cruise the bay without an engine. If you’re looking to rent a boat in San Diego, this is a great adventure. Great for 1-6 passengers with a price around $50/hr.


Learn a new skill

No Gas



Limited Capacity

Not the most comfortable

No Motor


1-8 Passengers


Hey thrill seekers, if you like going fast, this is the boat for you. Power boats are a great choice for friends and family that not only want to enjoy the bay, but also want to put the boat in gear and press down the throttle!  Passengers are from 6-8 and prices start at $175/hr.

power boat rental san diego



Has Motor

Easy to Drive


No Ocean

Only 6-8 Passengers

Lacks space

jetski rental mission bay


1-3 Passengers


Who wants some real adventure? If you mix the fresh air from a sailboat and the speed of a powerboat in a compact vessel, you have a jetski. Jetskis are for the true adventure seekers that want speed, fresh air, and adventure all in one vessel. Passengers are 1-3 and the average cost is $105/hr.


Very Fast

Really Fun



Only 1-3 Passenger

Bay Speed Zones

Very Limited Space

yacht rental mission bay


2-12 Passengers


If you’re looking to sit back and relax with up to 12 of your friends and family, check out this catamaran yacht charter in San Diego. Malarky Charters includes a Captain and Crew and it’s BYOB! Cruise Mission Bay and do some Ocean Sailing as well. This boat rental in San Diego costs about $550/hr. 


Includes Captain and Crew

Ocean Sailing

Huge interior and exterior


Doesn’t include drinks

Doesn’t include food.

You pay for luxury


10-100 Passengers


This is more than just a boat rental – it’s a yacht experience for large groups to enjoy San Diego Bay in a spacious and luxurious way. This includes a captain, crew, bartender, dance floor, bar, and waterslide!. This San Diego yacht rental is perfect for birthday parties, special events, corporate events, and more. The pricing is $825/hr and it holds up to 100 Passengers.

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Huge Capacity

Includes Captain and Crew

Full Bar, Dance Floor, and Slide


Requires higher budget

2-Hour Minimum

Where to rent a boat in San Diego

Mission Bay Sportcenter: Mission Bay Sportcenter has been offering boat rentals in San Diego for 40 years and is locally owned. They have Pontoon Boat Rentals, Powerboat Rentals, Jetski Rentals, and Sailboat Rentals. This is your one-stop-shop if you want to rent a boat in San Diego.

Malarky Charters: Malarky Charters is great for customers who have a group ranging from 4-12 guests. It’s a 47′ Luxury Yacht Rental in Mission Bay, San Diego with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, Full Kitchen, Living Room, and plenty of space for everyone. They do Bay Adventures, Anchor and Play and Ocean Sailing.

Triton Charters: If you need a larger yacht, Triton Charters is the largest catamaran yacht rental in San Diego. sprawling 75’ feet in length with the ability to have up to 105 passengers. The Triton includes modern decor, state-of-the-art 13 seat bar, and a dynamic layout. Trion offers a built-in running water slide, a massive dance floor, and an advanced sound system. Triton also offers ticketed charters for smaller groups!


Looking to get away from San Diego? Big Bear boat rentals are another great way to get on the water and are close to San Diego!

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